Student Life


As a student, there are a number of things that you could and should do during your time in Sweden. The geography of the country is absolutely stunning, the people are warm and welcoming, and the entire country is diverse in terms of climate, population, and landscapes. In this section of the site, we’re going to explore the many things that you can do and enjoy during the time that you are studying in Sweden.

Visit Stockholm and the areas around it. If you are in the central region of the country, make sure to take some time and see Stockholm. The capital city is absolutely amazing. This is where the Nobel Prize was started, and the people in this area of the country are incredibly warm and open minded to everyone that comes through. You will meet dozens of people from many different nationalities, but you can still see that it is genuinely Swedish in nature, no matter how many different people reside there. While in this region, take a walk through the Skogskyrkogården, which is a UNESCO World Hertiage site because of its architecture and natural beauty.

Enjoy what your university has to offer. Many universities will offer a number of activities to their students, whether through educational departments or through the student union at your university. Dormitories may have organized activities where you play games and sports together. The student union may organize trips to different parts of the country or even to other parts of Europe. Particular departments may offer trips to particular destinations that are related to their program (historical sites, etc). Your university may also offer weekend trips, shopping trips, and other excursions that you can enjoy. You can join a sports team or a club where you can learn a new hobby or sport; since there are a lot of sports in Sweden that you may have never heard of, your campus is a great place to learn. Be involved with student activities. That way, you can meet other students, both native Swedes and those who are exchange students or free movers, and you get to enjoy what Sweden has to offer with other people.

Enjoy the water. There are so many water activities that you can enjoy while you are studying in Sweden. You can enjoy the dozens of beaches that the country offers, especially during the summer months when they’re nice and warm. You can learn how to water ski and/or windsurf during the warmer months. You can go fishing and boating on the almost 100,000 lakes that are throughout the country. You can swim, go on boat tours through Stockholm, take a cruise on the canals, and do a number of other activities that involve the water.

Christmas. Scandinavia and the other Nordic countries love Santa Claus and everything else about Christmas time, and if you are lucky enough to be in Sweden during the holiday season, you will see just how much they love it. All of the buildings and structures in the towns and cities are extravagantly decorated, and they even have a theme park based around Father Christmas called Santaworld. So if you love Christmas, Sweden is definitely the place to be during that season. You can even hop over to Finland, which is considered to be the home of Saint Nick, and see how they throw a holiday party as well. Since you will have the Christmas season off for your winter break, you will have plenty of time to enjoy all of the festivities that are available for you.

Enjoy Nature. Sweden is beautiful, and you will never ever be anywhere like it. As we mentioned above, there are almost 100,000 lakes throughout the country. There are acres and acres of the country that are just forest. You can find the beaches all along the coasts. There are high mountains in the north, which also allow for a number of fun activities you can do up there as well. Enjoy the diversity of the country as it is, without expecting anything out of it. You don’t even have to do anything, just take the time to walk, drive, or cycle and just enjoy what you encounter. The wildlife is unique as well; some species of animals there you will not find anywhere but Sweden.

Sports and athletics. Lastly, sports and athletics are a huge deal for Swedes. They love rugby, football (soccer), American football, golf, handball, tennis and a number of other sports. There are even some sports that are unique to Sweden alone (Swedish rugby comes to mind) that you won’t find in any other country. During the summer months, you will see Swedes cycling, walking, and playing sports in community fields.  During the cooler months, people will travel to Norrland to enjoy the immense amount of winter sports up there. Skiing, snowboarding, and tubing are all incredibly popular with natives and visitors alike. Athletics are so important to the Swedes that they are integrated into many of the educational programs that you will find in the country. There are even tertiary education classes devoted to exploring and playing sports.

As you can see, there are always things to do while you are in Sweden. As a student, you need to take every opportunity that is opened to you while you are studying in Sweden, because you may never get any of those opportunities again. No matter what region of the country you are studying in, make sure to enjoy everything that you can. Part of student life is enjoying everything that there is to see and do, no matter where you may be studying. For more information about what’s out there to see and do, you can check out the official Sweden Tourism site or the Visit Sweden site; they both have endless resources to help you explore and plan your trips.  So go out there and have fun, just don’t do it at the expense of your studies.